The (Sea) Voyage Continues

One of my campaigns continues to travel by ship (although not the original!), which leads to a continuing sea of questions. I also realized a number of consolidated references conflicted; I’ve smoothed out those sections as best I can.

While using resources from all over, these rules hew as closely as I can to core AD&D rules, merging other resources in as necessary, to provide the closest thing I can to smooth sailing for AD&D nautical adventures.

Most current version: Seafaring (PDF)


Author: Rick

A DM for *mumble* years, I've been playing AD&D since junior high. I've currently got two separate campaigns running, both in Mystara. I've been told when they handed out hobbies, I stood in the short lines. I actively cycle tour, kayak, play board games, read, develop home automation software, volunteer with the American Red Cross, and work on a never-ending stream of home repairs. In my wake I've left paintball, medieval full-contact combat (SCA), computer gaming, Heroclix, tablet weaving, and kite construction.

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