The (Sea) Voyage Continues

One of my campaigns continues to travel by ship (although not the original!), which leads to a continuing sea of questions. I also realized a number of consolidated references conflicted; I’ve smoothed out those sections as best I can.

While using resources from all over, these rules hew as closely as I can to core AD&D rules, merging other resources in as necessary, to provide the closest thing I can to smooth sailing for AD&D nautical adventures.

Most current version: Seafaring (PDF)


Author: Rick

A DM for *mumble* years, I've been playing AD&D since junior high. I've currently got two separate campaigns running, both in Mystara. I've been told when they handed out hobbies, I stood in the short lines. I actively cycle tour, kayak, play board games, read, develop home automation software, play Stars!, volunteer with the International and National American Red Cross, and work on a never-ending stream of home repairs. In my wake I've left paintball, medieval full-contact combat (SCA), computer gaming, Heroclix, and kite construction.

4 thoughts on “The (Sea) Voyage Continues”

  1. This is highly relevant to my interests! My new campaign is going to be set on a world of islands in a shallow sea, so this is perfect for use there! Very nice work!

  2. “Ship speeds are expressed as: Normal Sail (Maximum Sail)/ Normal Oar (Maximum Oar), Normal Daily Movement Sailed/ Normal Daily Movement Rowed. Maximum Sail is based on a Strong Breeze. Maximum Oar is only possible for periods of 30 minutes.”
    Raft has none but I see rafts as a drift craft based on currents and water speed… with maybe, maybe a crude sail that does not so much really.
    But then Outriggers only has one entry so Oars/Sails or Both. Same with War Galley and some others.
    Did I miss something?

    1. Raft is 3″/3″. It has no “maximum” or “improved” speed. The same for outrigger (Move: 6″/3″)

      So 3″/3″ is the same as 3″(3″)/3″(3″)

  3. Thanks, have not played (much less dm’d… dm’ed… anyway) in about 30 years and my nephew (14) found my brothers and my books over the Christmas holidays. We’ve been playing 2nd Edition about every other Sunday since then. It has been a bit of a train wreck at times but he’s been having enough fun to keep calling to see when we can play next. Next session we sail around a ring of fire type area to get to another continent and I was drawing a blank. Found your site and am building on the 1e stuff, that was how we played way back then since we never tried the 2e way.

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