Encounters to Excel

For extended journeys in non-standard environments I’ve created two Excel spreadsheets that might be use to others.

One spreadsheet generates a random list of Ethereal encounters (based on Oops I’m Ethereal) for the duration of an Ethereal journey. Note that if the results are for 1,000 hours of Ethereal journey, esp. with some unfortunate Ethereal cyclones, the journey could be long and encounter-filled. It also defaults to 500 checks; for a shorter journey, if the remaining hours reaches zero, the rest of the results should not be included!

The other spreadsheet creates random weather for an extended sea journey, using  the data from my Nautical Adventuring article (adjusted for the Sea of Dread, and (mostly) using the Greyhawk weather tables).

Selecting SHIFT+F9 will re-randomize the table(s). You’ll want to copy the table and paste it to another tab  As Values to review. Otherwise each time you change something it will randomize again.

Ethereal Encounters.xlsx

Sea Weather.xlsx


Author: Rick

A DM for *mumble* years, I've been playing AD&D since junior high. I've currently got two separate campaigns running, both in Mystara. I've been told when they handed out hobbies, I stood in the short lines. I actively cycle tour, kayak, play board games, read, develop home automation software, play Stars!, volunteer with the International and National American Red Cross, and work on a never-ending stream of home repairs. In my wake I've left paintball, medieval full-contact combat (SCA), computer gaming, Heroclix, and kite construction.

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