With our first druid in the party for a while, we kept bumping into the desire to summon various animals, many of which don’t have AD&D stats. As a regular occurrence, we didn’t want to create new stats for animals on a regular basis, or search about for the closest analogue. I also wanted to avoid min/maxing for the animal with the “best” hit dice, armor class, and damage. So, taking the complicated approach, I compiled a complete listing of all of the animals with stats in the AD&D system. From there I created averaged stats for each type of creature (mammal, bird, reptile, fish), for each size (small, medium, large, giant).

I then compiled a separate listing of all of the special animal attributes, such as: charge (buffalo), dive (birds of prey), musk (skunks), spit (camel), rear claws (big cats), etc. which we can then apply where appropriate, with the intention that only one “Special” ability can apply to any one creature type.

Now for any imaginable animal we have a single easy reference chart. Summon the animal of choice (where available), determine if it has a special ability, and have at it.

Animal Examples AC MV HD Damage
Mammal, Small Squirrel, Bat 7 12″ (18″) <1 1
Mammal, Medium Dog, Cat 7 15″ 2 1-4
Mammal, Large Black Bear, Cheetah, Ape, Dolphin, Horse 7 18″ 3+3 1-3/1-3/1-6
Mammal, Giant Orca, Whale 4 18″ 15 d20 to 3d20
Bird, Small Sparrow 7 1″/36″ 1 1/1/1
Bird, Medium Falcon, Eagle, Penguin 6 1″/33″ 1+3 1-2/1-2/1-2
Bird, Large Ostrich 7 1″/33″ 2 1-6
Bird, Giant Giant Eagle 7 3″/48″ 4 1-6/1-6/2-12
Reptile, Small Snake 6 15″ 2 1
Reptile, Medium Boa Constrictor 6 15″ 3 1-3
Reptile, Large Crocodile 6 9″ 5 2-8/1-12
Reptile, Giant Giant Crocodile 4 6″/12″ 7 3-18/2-20
Fish, Small Carp 8 /9″ .5 1
Fish, Medium  Dolphin/Shark 6 /24″ 2+2 2d4
Fish, Large Great White 6 /18″ 7 3d4
Fish, Huge Megalodon, Giant Squid 5 /18″ 12 5d4

Small (up to 75 lbs.), Medium (Up to 400 lbs.), Large (Up to 1000 lbs.), Huge (1000+ lbs.)

Generic Animals.pdf


Author: Rick

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