Being Mercenary

The DMG discusses all sorts of different hirelings for the PCs to hire. But once they start hiring soldiers, things start to get complicated! As troops get hired, they need sergeants, lieutenants, captains, and an entire support staff.

Level 0 troop costs:
Archer 5gp/month, Crossbowman 4gp/month, Footman(L/M/H): 2/3/10, Horseman L/M/H: 10/15/20

Each 10 level 0 troops require a sergeant (lvl 0). His pay rate is 10x that of the troops commanded.
A lieutenant (lvl 2/3) is required, and can command as many squads of 10 as he has levels, at 100 gp/level/month.
A captain (lvl 4+) can command as many scores (20) as they have levels, also at 100 gp/month.

The DMG also defines a required support staff. Each of the roles includes whatever apprentices are required, as well as miscellaneous costs, such as clothing and food. That’s handy, because it means we don’t have to calculate the costs to feed the troops!

  • *For every 40 troops, a blacksmith is required (30 gp / month)
    +1 blacksmith for each additional 160 troops, or fraction thereof)
  • *For every 40 troops, an armorer is required (100 gp/month)
  • *For every 80 troops, a weaponsmith is required (100 gp/month)

There are some other roles that are clearly missing from the DMG:

  • *For every 40 troops, a leatherworker is required (1.5 gp/month)
  • *For every 40 troops, a tailor is required (1.5 gp/month) (see armorer)
  • *For every 40 troops, a woodworker is required (2 gp/month) (see armorer)
  • For every 40 troops, three cooks are required (scaled across the three meals) (15 gp/month)
  • For every 40 troops, a teamster is required (5 gp/month)

*While the costs still apply, will not travel on assignments less than one month.

There are some other base costs for setting up a mercenary troop, which have to be considered as part of their maintenance:

  • The armorer requires a workshop (310 gp – 400 gp)
  • The blacksmith requires a forge, hammer, and anvil.

So let’s build a mercenary company of 40 men: 10 archers, 10 cavalry, and 20 light foot. Consider that the officers aren’t included in the leadership numbers.

  • 10 archers (5 gpe) + sergeant (50 gp) + archer lieutenant level 2 (200 gp) = 300 gp/month
  • 10 light footmen (2 gpe) + sergeant (20 gp) + footmen lieutenant level 2 (200 gp) = 240 gp/month
  • 10 light footmen (2 gpe) + sergeant (20 gp) (using other footmen lieutenant level 2) = 40 gp/month
  • 10 light cavalry (10 gpe) + sergeant (100 gp) + cavalry lieutenant level 2 (200 gp) = 400 gp/month
  • captain lvl 4 (400 gp) = 400 gp
    1380 gp/month for the troops
  • Blacksmith 30 gp/month
  • Armorer 100 gp/month
  • Weaponsmith 100 gp/month
  • Associated standard hirelings: 28 gp/month
  • 10% maintenance on armorer and blacksmith: 35 gp/month
    293 gp/month

So our operating expenses for this troop of 40 men is a mere 1673 gp/month! Even without counting the included assistants and apprentices, our troop of 40 men works out to an actual 58!

When on the road, they need to add a teamster for each of the specialized hirelings (to carry their stuff around), and another for the collection of standard hirelings, which would add an additional 20 gp/month

Scaling up becomes fairly simple in units of 10. Each two units of 10 add a lieutenant for 200 gp/month. For each additional 160 men (80-200 troops) add an additional blacksmith for 30 gp/month. For each additional 80-160 men (or fraction thereof), you have to hire another captain capable of leading them; an 8th level captain would be able to lead 160 troops for 800 gp/month.If you put them all in a castle, you need a steward/castellan; the castellan can command 40 men/level, but costs 200 gp/level.

You can substitute other troops in:

  • 10 crossbowmen (4 gpe) + sergeant (40 gp) + crossbow lieutenant level 2 (200 gp) = 280 gp/month, or -20 gp over archers
  • 10 heavy footmen (10 gpe) + sergeant (100 gp) + heavy footmen lieutenant level 2 (200 gp) = 400 gp/month, or +160 gp over light footmen
  • 10 medium footmen (3 gpe) + sergeant (30 gp) + medium footmen lieutenant level 2 (200 gp)= 260 gp/month, or +20 gp over light footmen
  • 10 medium cavalry (15 gpe) + sergeant (150 gp) + cavalry lieutenant level 2 (200 gp) = 500 gp/month, or +100 gpover light cavalry
  • 10 heavy cavalry (20 gpe) + sergeant (200 gp) + cavalry lieutenant level 2 (200 gp) = 600 gp/month, or +200 gp over light cavalry

Every second squad is -200 gp/month, as they don’t need a lieutenant.

Note all rates are doubled when applied to hazardous duty. That would only apply to support staff when intending to be on the road for more than 30 days.


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