About Me

A DM for *mumble* years, I’ve been playing AD&D since junior high. I’ve currently got two separate campaigns running, both based in Mystara. I own almost everything ever printed for 1st edition AD&D, and at least most of the core books for the other editions.

I’ve been told when they handed out hobbies, I stood in the short lines. I actively kayak, play board games, read, develop home automation software, volunteer with the American Red Cross, and work on a never-ending stream of home repairs. I started cycle touring in 1989. While regular vacations provided 3-week cycling trips across various countries in Europe, intermittent vacation cycling trips weren’t enough. I quit my job in 2015, loaded up my bicycle, and cycled from Istanbul to Ireland (and yes, there was a boat in there somewhere). You can read about that here.

In my wake I’ve left paintball, medieval full-contact combat (SCA) (including making chain mail and other armor), making jewelry, computer gaming, Heroclix, tablet weaving, kite construction, and various other implements of destruction.

During my work experience I’ve delivered pizzas, created chemicals for a pediatric endocrinology lab, organized the library for a parapsychology lab, moved furniture for a Japanese moving company, and worked for several hospitals as a research technician before embarking on a career path of information technology, eventually filling the role of Global IT Infrastructure Architect. My house has nine+ computers running a variety of operating systems. Cameras and sensors are scattered about the house. The house talks.